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I wish to thank all you wonderful people
for your heartwarming e-mails and support.
I create my web pages from my heart, and I
can see that I have touched the lives of so
many of you, in so many different ways.
I hope that I can continue to do so with
all future pages that I create.

Thank you,
Mary aka blueyes

The font used on most of my pages is Black Chancery.
If you only see plain text here, you are missing out.
You can download the font
Unzip the file and install it in your Windows Fonts Folder,
then reload/refresh this page and you will see what I see.

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Thank You...

All the songs throughout this website were recorded
from CDs purchaced by me and are for evaluation
and/or educational purposes ONLY.
* No financial gains are made by this website *
All copyright holders still retain their perspective copyrights.
Please support the artists by purchasing their CDs/Albums.

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